I recently had the opportunity to speak with performer Hugo Ferreira Gonzalez, better known by his stage name Crazy Needle, about his work on and off stage with body suspension. After trying body suspension for the first time in Madrid, Hugo has remained passionate about suspending. Although it has only been four years since his first experience with suspension, he has been hard at work since that time to create his performance sideshow act, as well as working with private suspensions for individuals.

Born in Leon, Spain, Hugo now lives in Barcelona where he seems to stay very busy. On top of his job at Blood for Blood Tattoo, he also works in the body suspension community with his close and trusted friend Riccardo Picchiarello. The two offer private appointments, giving others the chance to share in their love for this craft, as well as working on Hugo’s stage performance which features body suspension as part of his sideshow act.

For me, one of the perks of writing on Hook Life is getting to talk with people from around the world, and hear about their views and experiences with body suspension. Hearing from such a diverse community of people has definitely made me realize that regardless of where we are from or what motivates us to take part in body suspension, there is a common passion for it that I hear expressed over and over again. Regardless of language barriers, that part always seems to be communicated perfectly from the people I have spoken to. Hugo summed up his feelings by simply stating that he loves body suspension, and he couldn’t imagine his life without it.

Thanks for the great photos Hugo, as well as telling us about your work with body suspension. Please stay in touch and let us know how things are going for you and your suspension team.

If you have photos of videos you would like to see on Hook Life, feel free to send them to Southtownbaby@suspension.org