For anyone who has had the opportunity to see Pain Solution in person, I doubt I need to explain what a fantastic show they put on. They recently performed for the Vienna Tattoo Convention which was held November 6th and 7th at the beautiful Arcotel Wimberger. The show offered something for everyone, with their act including everything from swords and straight jackets to fire and suspension.

Havve Fjell, the Headmaster of Pain Solution, and Morten the Manic took the stage for the suspension portion of their performance. Morten was suspended in this peaceful looking 6 point coma position, spinning and swinging above the stage.

With a name like The Maniac, I doubt anyone is surprised to find out that a calm and serene suspension was not the end goal. Once Morten was in the air, it was Havve’s turn to have some fun getting him back down on the stage. And who needs a pulley when you have a sharp knife? The crowd watched as Havve cut Morten free, one hook at a time.

I’m sure the audience had an amazing time watching these talented guys do what they do best. If you ever have the opportunity to see Pain Solution perform, I highly recommend you don’t miss out on the fun. It’s a fantastic show, and guaranteed to be one you won’t forget.

Thank you so much to Havve for providing these wonderful photographs, which were taken by Alexander Kowatschek.