For your average person, passing by a public body suspension will be the strangest thing they see that day. However for anyone visiting Dorney Park during the 2011 Zombie Invasion, the suspensions and pulls on stage were probably a little lower on the list of bizarre sights compared to the mob of undead that had gathered to enjoy the very talented Nassau Chainsaw and Disgraceland Demolition Committee. The Zombie Invasion had over 1500 costumed participants show up to enjoy a day of fun, and managed to break a world record with 330 zombies all riding on a roller coaster at the same time.

Nassau Chainsaw& DDC Live for Living and Dead from Angelica Vanessa on Vimeo.

This wonderful video by Angelica Vanessa does a great job of capturing the performance that night by Nassau Chainsaw. From what I have heard, their show was a huge highlight that evening. With their unique blend of audio and visual performance, they are a group that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Make sure to keep up with their tour dates to find out when you’ll have a chance to see them for yourself!