It is always interesting to see how varied the reactions are to body suspension from region to region and culture to culture. Here in the US, one neighbor witnessing a suspension can alter the laws of an entire city based upon their close minded views of it. That reaction, however, is drastically different than the warm reception it seems to be receiving in Brazil. Diabos Mutantes Suspension has been hard at work educating themselves and sharing their craft with others.

In their most recent public meet, pictured below, they were lucky enough to be allowed to use this courtyard which offered an ideal amount of space and height for them to play. As the day began, a crowd gathered to watch as the smiling suspendees took to the air. Some came and went, while others were intrigued enough to stay and watch all of the suspensions that happened that day.

Along with public meetings like this, Diabos Mutantes also hosts private, more intimate sessions for their suspendees and team members. Their group first came together in 2006, and judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces in their photo galleries, they are really enjoying both participating in and facilitating suspensions. With the quickly spreading interest in body suspension in Brazil, I am sure we will continue to see more from the teams in that area as they learn and grow as practitioners and as a community.

Thank you for all of the information and the photos!