The Dutch Body Art Suspension Team, or Dutch B.A.S.T., has seen many changes over time. Based out of the Netherlands, their team was originally formed by Rob and Marjolein van Rijn, however you might be more familiar with their former name, Rings of Pleasure. Their recent name change came with the addition of Jeffrey and Cas from Paradigm Bodyart, as well as Herr Dokter and Xarah von Vielenregen being added to their growing team. Judging from their photos, it seems that the collaboration of people involved is working out wonderfully for them.

These photos are from their performance for the Wasteland event, which on its website describes the event as “Europe’s biggest fetish fantasy event. In the year 1994 Wasteland brought Fetishism out of the darkness of the underground and mixed it with house music and spectacular, often innovating, entertainment. Wasteland is Europe’s most notorious adult playground where the fetish lifestyle is celebrated and applauded.”

Judging by the size of the crown gathered around to watch the suspension performance, I would say it seems like it was definitely well received by those in attendance. It always amazes me at how versatile our art really is; where many performances are boxed into one group that it targets, body suspension has been seen in every kind of venue, from musical performance to art galleries to fetish events. I think a large part of that comes from the diversity of people that are brought together in this community and the many different backgrounds those individuals have.

Along with their performance work, Dutch B.A.S.T. also offers a public suspension day known as the Rings of Pleasure Hangdag. I’m sure this team will have many more performances in their future, and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with. If you are in their area, make sure you keep up with what they have going on, and make it out to show some support for the work they are doing.

Photography by Mickael Bjorn.