There are several groups that offer suspension performance as part of their services, but few that are completely captivating even in just their still photos. With their excellent attention to details such as costuming, makeup, and theatrics, Escape Suspension is definitely on that list of outstanding performance groups.

If the name Escape doesn’t sound familiar, you may recognize them better by their former name, Pend Suspension. Although their team has undergone some major changes, it has brought with it the opportunity for improvements with their team in organization, equipment, and safety. Major changes can be difficult for any group, and it’s great to see that it had such a positive impact for them in the long run.

Their amazing stage show was greatly influenced by the work they have done with Theatre Bizarre, which helped them to step up their live performance to the level of productions they are doing today. The shows are a group effort with hard work put in by the performers as well as costume designers, hair and makeup artists, and all the team members that work behind the scenes to bring it together.

Escape Suspension is available for booking, offering both set shows and performances written to fit the event they are attending. Their newest performance was a brilliant collaboration with Flec Mindscape called Satan’s Tightrope, in which he juggled while walking a slack line supported by a four man flesh pull. All this was set to music by Matthew Surline and Noel Rivard, and I am told it was a huge success.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful photographs and information about your team. I’m sure we will see many more fantastic performances from this group featured here in the future.

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