When people from outside of the suspension community see most of us with our tattoos, scars, implants, and other modifications, I’m sure many of them have no idea that we are all really a big group of nerds at heart. It’s true; music nerds, computer geeks, comic book fans, and more all make up a huge part of the body modification scene. And what better nerd fantasy than chasing down a smoking hot alien girl like Dani Danger during her 2 point suicide suspension? The lucky space explorer on the spinning beam with her was Jesse Star with his 2 point astronaut.

Jesse’s mask fogged up as they were first getting going, leaving him mostly blind as they were swinging around, but they still managed to put on a great show for the audience. As a bonus he wasn’t recognized by many of the people there, so he was able to hear honest feedback throughout the weekend about what people thought of the show. The reactions ranged from people who swore it was fake to those who were amazed; however they felt about it, I’m sure it was a fun performance to watch.

The suspension and rigging were done by Life Suspended at the Fetish Revolution 11 in Scottsdale, and as always they did a fantastic job. It’s always great to see people having fun and being creative with ideas for suspension performances. I hope we continue to see more from this team and their upcoming shows.

There are plenty more photos available through the AZ Fetish Ball website, as well as video of the performance they did. Thank you, Jesse, for the information about the show and the great photos! I am so happy to hear you all had a fun time with it.

If you have photos you would like to see on Hook Life, please send them to Southtownbaby@suspension.org