Australia has a growing number of suspension teams, and one of the newest faces in their community is Flesh Concepts out of Perth. Formed in June of 2012, Brandon‘s original goal was to show people that there were different and often safer ways to suspend than the methods many were using. He wanted to help expand the knowledge and learning in his area, and through reaching toward that goal his team was created. It’s always refreshing to see someone whose first priority is learning rather than just jumping into suspension head first. To help with that, he has been in contact with several people from the suspension community including Eden Thomson of Skindependent in New Zealand, and even had the chance recently to collaborate with Betty, one of the lovely ladies from the Skindependent crew.


Brandon said that Betty was wonderful to work with, and with her positive and friendly attitude they were able to make a great team to offer the suspendees and those watching a great experience. Along with the suspendees they put in the air during her stay, they also took the time to have some fun themselves with Rose and Betty each doing a very ladylike cross legged pose and Brandon in a seated suspension, which he says is his favorite suspension to date.



I know for me that working alongside other practitioners has been the biggest learning tool as I have progressed. It gives you techniques, questions, and methods you might not have thought of before, and even just the little differences in the way someone does something can help you to really analyze your own protocol. I’m happy to hear that this won’t be the last time these two groups come together; Brandon will be visiting New Zealand later this year to meet the rest of the Skindepentent team and hopefully get to work alongside them.


Thanks for all of the information Brandon! It was a pleasure to talk to you and to get to learn a little about your team. Your attitude towards continuing to learn and advance yourself as a practitioner is a fantastic thing to have. I can’t wait to see photos from your visit to New Zealand.