A few weeks ago Facebook started buzzing with stories of mixing sports and suspension.  At first glance I thought the messages were saying “Football.” Hmmm, how do you put on a game of suspension football?  Work was busy so I figured I would just wait and see.  Then the pictures started surfacing.  Of course, Foosball not Football.  Well yes, that makes a lot more sense.  We could show you some photos, but really the video below by Noah Benzig does a great job showing how it all worked.

An interview with Rick Pierceall of AGRO about the event:

Where did the idea come from? While standing behind my studio me and two friends came up with the idea.

How well did it work? It worked great. we kicked around other suggested ideas and will, more than likely, put them into use next time.

Any problems? The only thing that was awkward was, some of the people participating were new and couldn’t go up twice. Originally it was supposed to be a double elimination tournament.

Did you make any changes? No, but we might next time.

Will you do it again? Yes, everyone had a ball!!

This idea was months is the making. I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off this year. I guess global warming isn’t all bad. We started out with four teams of two. The idea was double elimination tournament. While getting up the second time, a couple of the newer kids had a hard time getting back up. I was worried mostly about the ball getting kicked into someones hooks but, that did not happen. All the suspensions were rigged while standing on phones books so that when removed we could still tip toe the ground to kick out to the side. The ball we used was a 55mm exercise ball. We wanted it to be a big ball and this turned out to be a great size. We wanted it to be easy and fun and that ball is perfect.