For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Lucky Hell perform, you are missing out on one talented lady and a fantastic show that offers everything from sideshow and suspension to burlesque and dance. Recently, through her work with the animal rights group Animalia, she has had to opportunity to offer a different type of performance for a cause that she has had an interest in since moving to Finland 3 years ago. In this stunning suspension at 150 meters in the air, Lucky Hell took a stand against the fur trade industry in her area, and helped to raise awareness about their goal of ending fur farms in Finland. I’m sure the view from the top must have been amazing.

She was first approached by Animalia 6 months prior to this to perform a sideshow act for a week long event they were hosting. With her desire to raise awareness about the fur industry, as well as an interest in taking her performance in a more artistic direction, this show had opened a door for her to combine the two. She approached Animalia with the idea for this public performance to help bring attention to their cause. The message was simple; she was free to do whatever she wanted with her skin, but animals on fur farms aren’t given a choice.

For the performance, Skybreakers Bungee Company suspended Lucky Hell, with the professional help of Supersankari Suspension Team, at no charge. Once they had her ready to go, she was lifted to a height of 150 meters where she released flower petals into the wind. She remained at the top until she felt ready to come back down, and gave the signal to be lowered. The media response was phenomenal. She was featured on the cover of newspapers and as the Artist of the Day in the mainstream newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, as well as support from radio and news websites. All of the reports of the suspension were very positive and written in a way that helped immensely in spreading their message.

Lucky Hell will now be working with Animalia long term to help in their upcoming video campaign they are launching to keep interest in the elimination of the fur trade. Thank you for the beautiful photos, I hope you continue to see such great success in all of the projects you and Animalia take on in the future.


These fantastic photos were taken by some very talented photographers. Photos 1, 2, and 5 are by Tero Heino. Photo 3 by Petri Anttila. And last but not least, photo 4 is by Mirva Helenius and was featured on both the Ilta Sanomat and the Helsingin Sanomat. Thank you so much Tero for pointing out the correction on photo credits! As a last minute addition, this final photo by Tero gives you an idea of just how high Lucky was suspended. You can definitely see why he said it made him a little dizzy when he was looking up at her.

Although Lucky Hell’s main website is undergoing some maintenance at the moment, you can keep up with her pages on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter!