There are plenty of people who don’t understand our community or our reasons for doing what we do. They can’t bring themselves to see past the idea of flesh hanging from hooks to realize that there is something much deeper and far more incredible happening. Often, those are the same people who, having never been around it, assume that the only goal of body suspension is to seek attention. With so many closed minds out there, it’s always a victory when professionals outside of our community recognize what we do as being something that is not only a positive influence, but also an art worth learning more about. Recently, members of the medical community in Sweden took the time to do just that when they were invited to come face to face with a body suspension by Wings of Desire‘s Havve Fjell at PAIN, Performance Art in Norrbotten.

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The weekend was focused on pain, and in attendance for the convention were artists, doctors, nurses, chronic pain patients, and fakirs like Havve. For their suspension demonstration, Havve allowed those watching to see the whole process; from prepping the skin to cleanup when it was finished. As he worked, the onlookers were able to ask questions so that they could better understand what was taking place. For a majority of the room, it was probably their first time being exposed to body suspension in person. I’m sure there was apprehension from many of the individuals in the audience, and I am happy to know that it was Wings of Desire presenting it to them. With their professional attitude, stunning rigging, and wealth of knowledge on the topic, they are a perfect fit to guide people into our art.

The suspension went incredibly well, and there were even people in the audience who approached Havve afterward about learning more or trying suspension for themselves. I was so happy to hear about how well received it was by this type of audience. I think that any of us who have suspended know the strong emotional and mental effect that body suspension can have on us. Hopefully as time goes by we will continue to see more research being put into all the positive results of suspending, and less negativity from those who aren’t willing to take the time to learn what an amazing thing it is we are a part of.


Thank you for sending this wonderful suspension and story to us Havve.