#Leeds Suspensions may be a name that is unfamiliar to many of you. Founded in April 2010 by Arseniy Andersson, they are one of the newest teams in our growing community. Obviously, being the new kids hasn’t slowed them down any; with stunning pictures like these showing up around the internet, it’s no wonder that they are quickly gaining attention.

Andersson met the people that would form the core of this team through the studio he works at, Total Ink Body Modifications in Saint Petersburg, Russia. With his background in body modification, including suspension and performances with play piercing, he helped give their group a start for the work they are doing now.  Although they generally do private suspensions, they do love to perform, and are happy to book for events as well.

Set against the backdrop of industrial locations around Saint Petersburg, #Leed’s photo gallery ranges from beautiful and serene images like the one above to more lighthearted photographs of everyday activities such as chess matches or playing on a computer while suspended. As much as I love seeing the elegant and intense moments of suspension caught in a picture, it is a nice change to see the fun side of it portrayed as well.

If you would like to find out more about #Leeds Suspensions you can check them out at their page on VK.com. Although the website is mostly in Russian, it is fairly easy to set up an account and navigate. You can also see more photos of them through Taras Tsar‘s page, the photographer who took these lovely pictures featured here.

And, of course, you can always keep checking in here at Hook Life. I am sure you will see this group featured on here plenty more as time goes by.

If you know of a suspension group you would like to see featured on Hook Life, feel free to send their name and contact information to southtownbaby@suspension.org