There are a lot of suspension teams that  receive mixed reviews; some people love them, while others will have issues with this or that. Then there are the groups that I continually hear positive comments and praise for. HOOKED Suspension Team, out of Omaha, Nebraska, absolutely falls into that second category. The members of HOOKED are dedicated to creating a suspension environment that is comfortable and inviting to everyone involved. They put forward the idea that no one should be judged for their dreams, and their willingness to work with individuals to help them achieve their goals has made this group what it is today.

In 2007, Mike Coons, attended a PPIS suspension seminar taught by Erik Dakota and Allen Falkner. When he returned, Mike began bringing together the people that would come to form HOOKED Suspension Team. The hard work they have put in over the last few years seems to have paid off. Today, they have around 25 members across three states, and chapters in Omaha and Iowa City. They are also the newest addition to the multi-talented Disgraceland Entertainment Family.

The members of HOOKED support a positive environment among their team mates, encouraging and helping one another even outside of the suspension work they do together. This closeness and genuine caring for one another, combined with the wonderful work they do, has gained them praise throughout much the suspension community and with the individuals they have suspended.

Make sure you keep an eye on what this group has going on, because they certainly aren’t slowing down any time soon. If you are in the Omaha area and interested in suspension, you can get in touch with them through their page on Facebook or at

Thank you to Mike for all the helpful information about his group, as well as the rest of the people in HOOKED for the great pictures. Keep up the wonderful work, I’m sure we will see your name on Hook Life many more times in the future.