Everything has wrapped up from the busy Halloween season and the many haunted attractions that the suspension community manages to make just a little creepier for everyone, and it’s time to take a look at some of the highlights from this year’s festivities. This time of year tends to be a lot of people’s favorite, and with what we do it’s no big wonder why; where normally our craft can be seen as a bit shocking, when Halloween rolls around the weird and bizarre are embraced by even the people who would normally turn and run at the sight of hooks in skin. It is always tough to cover everything with so many incredible teams performing throughout the month, so I thought I would touch on a few that I had heard about the most.

The first on the list is an event that we have featured the last two years, Colombus’ annual Halloween fetish party, Trauma. The highlight of the two day entertainment lineup are the suspensions put together by the Suspension Artists Collective, a collaborative group of practitioners that come together to create amazing performances like the front flip suspension Jared Anderson performed that weekend. The event has continually gotten fantastic reviews from the attendees, and with the performers they feature it’s no wonder why. I look forward to the photos from this event every year, and I am sure we’ll continue to be impressed by the talent they bring to the stage as it continues to grow.

This next video catches the AGRO Sideshow doing what they do best, being crazy and wowing the crowds at the Houston Scream Fest. These guys really offer a little bit of everything in their shows; staples, sideshow acts, suspension, pulling, and in general taking a little (and sometimes a lot) of pain all for the sake of entertaining the audience. The hard work has clearly paid off, and their versatility and stage presence has drawn people back again and again to see what they will do next.

Their show even had some quality family time when Bridgid and her sister, Amanda, took the stage dressed as ballerinas for their first suspension together, as well as it being Bridgid’s first time on a spinning beam. They both looked beautiful for the suspension, and Bridgid said that the experience with her little sister was even more incredible than she could have imagined.


Last but not least, we have photos from Only Flesh, who showed the people attending the Haunted Hoochie that the real thrills and chills of the night didn’t need any scary costumes to make people’s skin crawl. With an attraction that pushes the limits to make their crowds scream, it is the perfect setting for this group to have a little fun. The comments on their photos and the attraction’s albums, some racking in hundreds of people chiming in, are definitely proof that the performance was an incredible success. Of course with it being at a Halloween attraction, a large number of the comments were what many of you who work in performance hear all the time, “Wow, that looks so real!”. If they only knew.

If you had a Halloween suspension event we missed, it’s not to late. Send your photos or videos to me at Southtownbaby@suspension.org