When doing a suspension, the practitioners and teams you choose to work with make a huge difference in the type of experience you will have. Being surrounded by friends and people you trust allows you to relax and really enjoy yourself without worrying about the work they are doing. These photographs are of Kelsie, and I don’t think she could have been in better hands for her suspension she did a few months back with Steve Joyner, Mute-One, and members of iHung and Only Flesh all there to help her out.

We’ve featured photos of Kelsie suspending here before, and it looks like she had just as amazing of a time with everyone involved in this suspension. I’m sure it was just as fun for the teams who were able to come and work together that day; it’s always so wonderful to see groups that are willing to work with and learn from one another. With so many talented people from the suspension community there that day, it was pretty much a guaranteed good time. I’m happy to hear that it went so well for all of them.

These great photographs of Kelsie’s suspension at the Loft were taken by Todd Eko. Make sure to check out the rest of his great photography on his “Big Blog of Boobs, Ink, and Metal”. With a title like that, there has got to be something there for everyone to enjoy!

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