Influence – Yes influence would be the best word to describe the man you see below.  Over the past 16+ years his brainchild BME has influenced more people in the body modification world than any other website, possibly even surpassing print media.  Although he has now moved on to other projects, the suspension community owes this man a huge thanks for all that he has done over the years.  Without his efforts, we would not be where we are today.

So who is this person?  His name is Shannon Larratt.  Although he is not known for being a suspension practitioner, over the years he’s been a huge supporter of our art form.  Without his online creations such as IAM, many of us would have never met nor exchanged information.  Shannon, you’ve helped us so much over the years.  Thank you so much for everything… and of course happy birthday.

After the break, the many faces of Shannon:

This next set of photos came from an rather extensive online search for images of Shannon.  At first this blog contained photos with his cars and an image of him at Shawn Porter‘s first suspension.  But as this entry came together it just seemed more fitting to just include the portraits.

Happy Birthday Shannon… and again, thank you for everything.