It feels like just yesterday I was staying up to sneak a birthday post onto Hook Life without Allen knowing about it. Another year has passed, and I find myself stuck with the same problem as before. What do you say about Allen Falkner that hasn’t already been said a hundred times? Well, I thought I would keep this year simple by opening the comments up to all of you to show him some love today.

I would like to add that for me personally, I can’t think of a friend that has more influenced my life or taught me more about hard work and dedication than Allen. His commitment to this community and his love for the people in it is continually motivating. While this family we have created goes through thick and thin, he is a constant in many of our lives that we can reach out to for help and guidance. Thank you so much for your friendship, your advice, and all of the hard work you do for us. There definitely aren’t enough words to express what you mean to our community and this family. I suppose all I can say is happy birthday to the best big brother a girl could ask for.


And for those of you who are wondering what to get the guy who has everything, this year Allen has asked to see Wings of Desire’s upcoming book, “Learning to Fly” get published. You can do your part by preordering a copy, which will fund the costs of creating this amazing piece of our history. It really is a win-win situation for you; buying the book helps make his birthday wish possible, and in turn you receive a copy of the book after it is published. For more details, check out the post here with a direct link to their paypal site.