I was told once that the more it hurts to lose someone, the greater the life they led. It’s the first thing that comes to my mind for comfort when someone I care for passes away. To me, those words make the pain have a purpose. Every tear you shed for someone lost is because they earned it during their life. Every kindness they offered, every moment of friendship they shared with you is repaid in the tears that fall from the loss and the smiles that come from the memories you have to hold onto.


This Valentine’s Day brought with it some sad news for the suspension community. We were just informed that¬†Jenny Lynn from Michigan lost her battle with cancer. She was a beautiful addition to our world, and worked with both Escape and Pend Suspensions, including some of the wonderful performances at Theatre Bizarre. It is always hard to say goodbye to someone you care for, and even more so when they are taken far too young. I unfortunately did not know Jenny other than through our exchanges for Hook Life. I do know that she touched many lives in our community, and one of the most amazing things about our extended suspension family is our ability to pull together and care for one another when we need it most.


My heart goes out to all of her friends and family. Please take a moment to send your love, prayers, and positive thoughts to all of those grieving for her loss. While you are at it, take a minute to make sure the people closest to you know how much you love and care for them.

If you would like to send flowers or your condolences, I believe her brother is keeping her friends informed of arrangements through her page on facebook.