There are some suspensions that are so moving, so intensely meaningful to those involved, that no amount of words can really capture the depth of what took place. This, well this is not one of those times. With as serious as we all take what we do, every now and then it really is just about getting together with some great friends and having a little fun. The AGRO Springfield suspension team came together for a bit of holiday entertainment, and decided to make their very own Christmas tree out of Jake, who was appropriately, or perhaps inappropriately depending on your sense of humor, suspended in a crucifix suspension. I really love every time I get to go work with this group. They are brought together by their passion for suspension, but more than that, they are friends who care for each other very much. It doesn’t take knowing them for that to be abundantly clear when you are around them. I have always appreciated the commitment this group has to each other, even outside of their monthly meets. As much as the word family might get overused in our community, these guys really do look after each other like brothers and sisters, sometimes going very far out of their way just to make sure a team mate is happy and doing well. As many good qualities as I could point out about their team, it is probably my favorite thing about them, and just one of the reason their photos are always full of so many smiling happy faces.

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So from their happy AGRO family to yours, here is hoping everyone has a very safe and happy holiday season. I think we could all take a few notes from them, and keep in mind that kindness and caring for one another shouldn’t just come once a year.

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I do have to admit that with knowing everyone in this photo, it was incredibly difficult to not start this post with ‘A Jew, two Christians, and an Atheist walk into a warehouse…’, but all joking aside, thank you guys and the rest of AGRO for being so supportive of Hook Life. I look forward to another year of showing off your lovely photos here.

Photography by the very talented Alisia Colbert.