David Earnest became interested in body suspension after seeing a documentary on the discovery channel where a woman was doing a “coma” suspension. “The whole time she was up, she was giggle and I couldn’t understand why someone who was in pain could be laughing, so I decided I needed to find out first hand.”


“I had a friend who had friends in the tattoo/piercing industry that told me about a few shows they were doing. I went just to see if it was as intense as I thought. It was and I was addicted to the rush of watching.”
He first suspended in 2004, with Chris Steele (Psychotic Suspensions). “He gave me the chance to try. After about 5 years a friend, Josh Prentice was killed and a few of us decided to put together a small group in his memory: Prentice Suspensions.”
David’s main role with Prentice Suspensions is mainly performer.
“I think my only challenge with it is the fact that I still get nervous every time I do a suspension. I have to psych myself up for it, but I think that adds to the experience.”525832_348484338557874_2126295465_n WATERMARK

His favourite thing about suspension is the physical rush he gets from it. He also has a deep rooted love for the “family vibe” from the people in his group. “It’s like we’re bonded by blood. There’s definitely a lot of love and trust between us.” David also enjoys the reaction from the crowd; especially the first timers who don’t know whether to turn away in disgust or high five.

He doesn’t have direct “goals” as far as suspension goes, he just wants to keep doing it until he can’t anymore.first hooks WATERMARK

“My first time was in front of people I had been watching for a while and it didn’t go as well as I planned. I almost got sick. I was embarrassed. I had to prove to myself mostly that I could do it so a few weeks later I tried again. This time was much better. It was a 4 point suicide. I felt like I was flying.”

His favourite position so far is 4 point chest. “It has been the most intense for me. It seems very therapeutic. I’m able to block out people and things around me and just be in the moment, in my own world. (This may sound cheesy but that’s the best way I can describe it).”

David continues to hook with vigour and passion.mf2 WATERMARK