Most people remember their first suspension; the nervousness, the anticipation, and the million questions going through your head about what it will be like. For many of us, the first time in the air was far from a  relaxing experience. As with anything there are exceptions to the rule, and in this video of Jason Pfohl‘s first suspension in 2010, he proves that there are some people that can handle their first time like a pro.

Jason runs a glass production company in Mexico creating beautiful pieces of body jewelry for Gorilla Glass Inc. After moving there back in 2002, he came across an abandoned hydroelectric facility in Oaxaca, and chose to make it the location for his first suspension. Along with a beautiful and serene setting for the experience, his good friends Lassi Lindquist and Jussi Ranta were in from Finland to help him get in the air. Joining them was Edson Trujillo, who originally recorded and edited this film for an art exhibit in Guadalajara. He apparently had the right elements to make it a great suspension; I was surprised to find out he had never done it before. He looks completely at ease swinging and spinning on his hooks, and I think it would be safe to say he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Congratulations Jason, and welcome to the suspension community!