Many of us have suspended in the cold before, and talk about how crazy it was to be suspending when the temperatures were almost freezing. We might even have seen a snow flake or two floating down around us! Well, get ready for that to seem like a warm day on the beach compared to the incredible ice water suspension that Mikael Saarnisto decided to take on with the help of Jussi Paradise in Finland. For many people, I would feel that this would be a somewhat risky idea that could potentially lead to some issues such as passing out, shock, and mild to moderate hypothermia. Mikael, however, has an interesting history working with both extreme suspensions and extreme cold that better prepared him for this than most people would have been.

Mikael began suspending back in 2011. Being an active skydiver and BASE jumper, he decided to combine his two interests in a suspension BASE jump with Stanislav and the Sinner Team in Russia. If one extreme hobby isn’t enough of a rush, he is also participates in regular ice swimming in Finland during the winter months. Considering the success of combining his love of BASE jumping and suspension, it only seems natural to fit it with his other interest by taking an icy plunge into a frozen lake while suspended.


I have suspended in fairly cold weather for long periods of time, and for me personally, it was pretty rough. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to be trying to process this much sensation at the same time; the hooks, the adrenaline, the shock of the water, the wind on wet skin. It is amazing to me to see someone whose body is so well conditioned to endure the extreme cold like this, not only to a point to tolerate it but to really enjoy it.


I am happy to hear that the experience was so much fun for Mikael, and judging by his ideas for what he wants to try next, he will be back here on Hook Life again soon.

These lovely photos were taken by Xeniya Balsara. Be sure to check out her other work as well!