I think the biggest buzz from Halloween has been Jared Anderson‘s front flip cutdown performed for Trauma, an event his team has performed at for several years now. It’s an incredible performance to see, especially in the slow motion clips that allow you can really watch what is happening as he falls. It went amazingly well for him, especially when considering this concept was created somewhat last minute. After running through how it would work in his head, he managed to pull it off with help from Micah Greenlay who worked on rigging for the performance. I’m sure it goes without saying that Jared is a very skilled practitioner who took into consideration how many variables about this could have gone wrong, and it shouldn’t be attempted by anyone just because he makes it look so easy.

Jared and his lovely lady Jamie have been playing with and performing cut down suspensions for a while, and everything they have learned from that definitely played a part in making this safely happen. Using shock cord at the drop plate to absorb some of the impact from the fall, Jared cut his first set of rigline to drop down onto the webbing and fall into his front flip. He explains the fall by saying, “When I cut away, I fell into the webbing on my outer butt-cheeks-across-to-inner-thigh-region-slip-into-wedgie, then partially launched into the flip by the drop rig, with arms kept out and head down as best as I could, I was snapped back into a suicide position about 10 feet lower. There were many factors that could have gone wrong: getting tangled on the way down, possibly hurt something in my lower groin, etc.”

With this performance just being the test run of something completely new for these guys to play with, I can’t wait to see where it goes. It definitely opens the door for some incredible acts to be put together as they move forward with the idea. Congratulations on the extremely impressive act Jared!