Hook Life has seen its share of guest writers that submit an article here or there, but we now have a new face that will hopefully become a regular contributor here. Dani Reese, coach and treasurer for The Rise suspension team out of Edmonton, has already published a few suspension interviews through Write and Ramble, and we felt like they were right on track with what we are aiming for here as well.


Dani’s primary focus is on the suspendee, and through her interviews with them, she works to retell their stories and experiences. Anyone who has been around suspension for very long can appreciate that although there are many common factors in our experiences with suspension, each person’s journey is still so unique to them. We are excited to be working with Dani as she talks with people in our community and shares their perspective on suspending. As our new writer, I hope everyone will give her a warm welcome as she starts reaching out to members of our community.