Back when video of Supa’s face suspension began making its way through the body suspension community, those who didn’t know who he was immediately began asking questions. Who was this group that has been tucked away in Oregon, and how had this remarkable suspension not been widely heard about in the 5 years since it happened? Well, the Kaptive8 team has decided that it’s time to step out to meet the world, and with that answer many of the questions people have had about who they are. They put together a couple videos which show some of the suspensions they have done, as well as introducing the members of their team.

I think one of the first things that caught my attention about the Kaptive8 team is what motivates them to suspend. They are a group that has performed suspensions that are well beyond many people’s comfort zone, while at the same time seeking to remain quiet and to themselves as opposed to gaining attention for these acts. The reason for this lies in their desire to push themselves further and test their personal boundaries; they suspend for themselves, not to get a certain number of ‘likes’ on a photo or any other type of pat on the back. The individuals working with this team are artists who view the body as their canvas and suspension as the medium through which they choose to create

I think their choice to open themselves up more to the suspension community and the world will not only give us the chance to see some very creative practitioners at work, it will allow the members of Kaptive8 to expand on their ideas through the connections they make and the feedback they receive from this wonderful community of individuals we are all a part of. If you would like to know more about them, or would like to just drop in and say hello, check out their group page here.