Alright everyone, many people have been asking how they can help with the formation of the ISA. This will be our first call for volunteers involving a project for the International Suspension Alliance. We will be taking submissions for a logo. We realize that there are some amazingly talented individuals in this community and we are asking that you help us come up with the OFFICIAL logo for the ISA. All entries will be considered, and may be sent to


We have some criteria that we would like to you adhere to:

  • The design must be Single color.
  • Keep it simple, nothing too elaborate.
  • Something that conveys our mission. This the most important aspect of the design. Here is the Mission Statement for reference:

“The International Suspension Alliance (ISA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the unification of the body suspension community through education, outreach, and the dissemination of information pertaining to the safe practice of human suspension to practitioners, the general public, health care professionals, and legislators.”

  • Should include a hook image of some sort. This is not mandatory.


So please help us get this started. If you aren’t the right person to do this, maybe you know someone that is. Just like everything else we will do involving the ISA, we are trying to keep as much of what we do INSIDE the community. We need your help. Thank you in advance for any submissions, and thank you to those that have already submitted ideas.

Here is a great example of a submission we have already received courtesy of Alfredo Ortega: