Many of you may have seen events online showing up for ISA Educational Meetups located in many regions around the world. So what exactly is going on with the ISA, and what are these meets all about? The International Suspension Alliance, which you can read more about here and here, has been a long process of organization and a lot of paperwork behind the scenes. Although they are still working on a platform to begin the process of officially opening up memberships, work is underway to have it available as soon as possible. In the meantime, their main focus is still to bring members of the body suspension community together in positive ways to grow and learn.

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This brings in the ISA’s first steps toward those goals; the ISA Education Meetups. These will be meets hosted regionally by a variety of teams around the world. Although the dates will vary from region to region, each meet will host the same educational workshops and roundtable discussions for practitioners to learn from and participate in. These educational meets are open to all practitioners, completely free of charge. The ISA will be welcoming donations from attendees to go toward helping with the very large legal fees associated with starting a nonprofit organization.

Along with the educational portion of the event, many of the host teams will be offering suspensions as they would at their normal team meets. The rules and working crew for that portion of the suspension meet will be decided by the host team of the event.

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The first round of meetups will be covering two topics: Belay, which will include an interactive workshop, and Fall Arrest, with a demonstration of harnesses in action.

So where can you find out more about these fantastic events taking place? Here is the list we have so far, but keep checking back as new details will be added. If your area isn’t listed, please keep in mind that as these events progress in the future, more and more locations will be added.

March 7th:

Toronto Session in Toronto, Ontario 

March 15th:

Midwest Meetup in Columbia, Missouri

Western Canada Meetup in Calgary, Alberta

Southwest Meetup in Phoenix, Arizona

March 22nd:

Bay Area Meetup in Emeryville, CA

March 29th:

Texas Meetup in Dallas,Texas

April 26th:

Skindependent Crew Sessions in Christchurch, New Zealand

New York and Georgia TBA

I hope to see a lot of new and old faces at these events, and we will definitely be following up with photos and an update of how they went.

*Photo by KimberLea Spencer. claims no rights to any images used in the post.