For those of you who have not yet heard about the International Suspension Alliance, please visit the previous Hook Life entry – – and watch the video from the first open meeting to discuss the formation of the ISA.

Once you have watched the video in it’s entirety, or for those that attended, Hook Life would like to present to you the video of the second open meeting held in Oslo Norway, July 24th, 2013:

Further Updates and Questions Answered:
PLEASE note the organization still does not exist so I am not the official spokesperson, just one of the people trying to move forward.

Transparency – So far there have been a total of 3 public meetings, Dallas, Vegas, Olso. There are still 3 more public meetings planned, Italy, Omaha, Dallas 2014. There has been 1 private meeting of the work group. It happened the night before the Vegas meeting. This meeting was simply organizational to determine what we planned to talk about at the open Vegas meeting.  The work group has sent numerous email communications around but as for conducting any form of meeting there have been none other than those listed above.

Work Accomplished – Although the below points are covered in the video above, here are some major points covered:

-Lawyer and Accountants Hired – (The work group has presently supplied the funding)
-Mission Statement Updated – (legal issue with wording)
-Corporate Entity Decision – (At the advice of lawyer and accountant)
-Board of Directors – (Before we can file corporate paperwork we must have a board)
-Board Voting – (We cannot have a vote without a membership. We cannot have a membership without an organization. We cannot have a organization without a board. Please watch the Oslo video to better understand this situation)

Misconceptions (I’m sure there are more than I am listing)
-Major Decisions – There have been none made above what has been described above and laid out in the videos.
-Agenda – To form and establish an organization that can serve as a unified voice to help others within our community.  Presently there is no other agenda.
-Voting on Board Positions – Watching the Oslo video explains this, but to give a little further detail, the suspension community has been asked to email their suggestion to
-Regulation – At this point the ISA has no official stance on regulation other than the fact they we want to prevent suspension from becoming illegal.
-Control – To get the organization off the ground there needs to be some kind of group to make it happen. The work group organized for one purpose only, to create the ISA. Not to set or implement rules or regulation to govern the suspension community.
-Money – Concerns were raised that only wealthy people were governing this organization. I believe my presentation in Vegas may have caused this misconception. It was my intent to explain that many members of the work group have invested quite a bit into that community as a way to illustrate their dedication. It was not meant to say having more money in any way made them better or more dedicated than another practitioner.
-Fundraising – The work group is presently exploring ideas for raising funds to cover the legal fees involved in forming a non-profit.  Please note, the accepting of funds does not constitute any form of endorsement from the work group nor the soon to be created organization.
-Ego – Yes, many members of the work group are well known within the suspension community. However, the decision to work together is not based in ego or fame. It was simply a matter of trying to organize a like minded group that people know, respect, and hopefully trust to make the right choices during the formation process.

A Final Note
The organization still does not yet exist.  It is the goal of the work group to have the have the legal entity finalized and created by the 2014 Dallas Suscon.  In the meantime, if you have comments concerns or input please attend one of the open meetings listed above or contact the work group directly at the email