The suspension community is well known for being a close knit group, with many of us considering one another to be family. We celebrate each others successes, and pull together through the rough patches. Many of you may have heard about Jelly Boy the Clown‘s serious injuries he received in a recent house fire. From what we’ve been told, he was sleeping at a friend’s after a performance at Coney Island with the Squidling Brothers. He woke up to the  apartment being in flames, and passed out from smoke inhalation before he could escape. He was rescued by the fire department, but suffered serious burns to most of his body.

He has made many friends in this community through his work with sideshow performance, not to mention helping out when others have been in need.  Well now it’s our chance to repay the favor. Nassau Chainsaw has posted information about the accident if you would like to find out more, as well as including links to benefit shows you can attend and a Paypal account where donations can be made. Please take a minute to visit their website and help out if you can.