After over a year and a half of daily digging and sorting through suspension images, it always catches me off guard when I come across really great suspension photos where I don’t recognize any of the people involved. It also makes me extremely excited; it means another group in our growing family of practitioners that is taking the time to do something beautiful with our craft. Levitate Tallinn is one of the newer additions to the community, and it seems that they are off to a wonderful start so far.

Levitate Tallinn is made up of Dmitry, his wife Rita, and their close friend Veljo. They first came into suspension two and a half years ago when Rita decided that she wanted to experience it for herself. Although Dmitry admits that their first suspension wasn’t amazing, they did have a great time, and have since worked to learn more. He sought out information from every contact he knew involved in body suspension, sending emails and taking in what he could from them to better his skills and his team. As his learning continued, new friends were made in the body suspension community, and they attended both the 2010 BMXnet and the 2011 Moscow Suscon to work along other practitioners and pick up new techniques and information.

Lately, Dmitry has been working with Arseniy Andersson of #Leeds suspension team out of Russia. I am sure it is a great help for their team to know that there are plenty of nearby practitioners that are willing to reach out to them and offer assistance as they move forward. Teams that have a focus on educating and bettering themselves are definitely the future of this community. I can’t wait to see what comes from this group as they continue to grow.

Thank you for the information and the photos Dmitry. It was a pleasure speaking to you.