This post comes somewhat last minute to help seek funding for a collaborative project that brings together a variety of incredibly talented artists including body modification artist Brian Decker, White Flag Suspension Team, Numi Empire, makeup artist May Moore, designer Dorothy Schmidt, rope bondage artist MacK, along with David Coccagna and Luna Duran as Adam and Lilith.

The project’s website describes the creators’ goals and inspiration for this journey:

Lilith: From Myth To Flesh is a collaborative project undertaken by performance artist Luna Duran and photographer Gretchen Heinel.  By undergoing ordeals of the flesh, we aim to understand and communicate the sacred and transformative pain which Lilith endured on her journey from human to goddess.


Lilith: From Myth To Flesh was born from our desire to explore alternative narratives of femininity.  We feel the time has come to experience, through photography and performance, the oft-misunderstood story of Lilith, first wife of Adam.  Lilith was created of the same earth as Adam, and by right should have been considered his equal.  Adam attempted to assert his dominance, which led Lilith to flee the Garden of Eden.  Alone but free, she raged and suffered.  Her existence is one of defiance and sacred pain.

We open our bodies, literally and metaphorically, to the teachings of Lilith.

Currently, the creators are aiming to reach a goal of $6,000 USD to meet the financial needs of this project through their Indiegogo page, and they have a wide variety to incentives to give back to those who contribute.

To learn more, please take a moment to read Luna’s blog about the body suspension portion of the project or by visiting their website.