Although play piercing is nothing new in our community, it is something that I have only recently seen being used by artists to create a blending between body piercing and flesh pulls. We first featured it here in the stunning piece created by Solvere7, and now we have these beautiful wings to enjoy, created by Jesse Rumsey using a somewhat different approach to the concept. Rather than running lines from the needles to a rigging plate or bar to create tension, he used the metal framework shaping these wings to lace the entire design, and then gently lifted the piece, pulling the skin into place along with it. The result is lovely, and lucky for us, it’s only the beginning in a series of projects that Jesse hopes to complete with this style of piercing pull.

The concept of creating these wings had been on Jesse’s mind for some time, and after seeing the technique used by Solvere7, he was inspired to use a similar method to make his vision a reality. This set of wings is the first step toward a much larger project in which he hopes to create several different styles of tensioned wings using similar framework along with piercing needles and play piercings to anchor them to the body. The models and their works of art would be a part of an exhibit set up through his studio, Immortal Canvas Tattoo and Body Piercing. Currently the project is waiting on a few details to come together, such as an adequate number of models willing to sit through that many piercings and then wear them for an extended amount of time. Let’s hope that everything falls in place for him; I would love to see the photos from it.

I think this style of pull is something we will continue to see more of, and although it’s not something I have tried, I can understand the appeal of it. For many of us, a pull is an exchange of energy. It can be intense both physically and emotionally, as well as exhausting. This style of pull seems to be something different altogether. The intensity comes in the peaceful quiet of laying there as needle after needle is insterted. Where most of us generally take two hooks for an average pull, this project involved piercing her back 26 times; quite the experience even before applying tension to it.

I personally can’t wait to see where the people in our community take this. There is something about the subtle gentleness of these pieces that has really captivated me. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Jesse. I would imagine that there are quite a few of our readers that might be interested in volunteering to model some of these great designs as the project comes together. Best of luck with it, be sure to take plenty of pictures for us!