Regardless of your chosen beliefs or lack thereof, I think we can all agree that there is an amazing energy that comes with body suspension. The connection it brings between each of us and the powerful effect of that experience can be life changing. For me, I view body suspension as one of the greatest gifts ever put into my life, and likewise, the greatest gift I can share with anyone. Many of us know the overwhelming joy of helping someone go up for the first time, or being there as they move through the process from suspendee to a skilled practitioner. Peter Tabaco was one individual lucky enough to have shared this beautiful craft with so many people that he loved and considered family. Working with Disgraceland Hook Squad, he was there for many of the practitioners that are still with them today as they learned the ropes. After he passed away, Disgraceland, along with a few close friends, offered up the most fitting tribute they could; a day full of suspensions in the same place so many of them had learned with Peter.

About the day, Kaspa said, “On November 11, 2011 the DisGraceLanD family lost yet another soldier in there ranks, Peter “BIG” Tabaco. In his honor, the DisGraceLanD family came all together to send their brother off right. On November 17, 2011 the DisGraceLand team set up shop at The Brooklyn Dojo, suspending 19 people from 2 rig points, one of them being the same rig point that he has taught so many of DisGraceLanD’s crew members from. Out of the 19 people , 9 of them were first timers all taking hooks for their missed love one. Emotions filled the loft space as tears of joy and sadness filled all the eyes of all that were in attendance. The highlight of the night was when Peter’s brother, John Tabaco, removed his shirt, took 2 6g hooks, and hung for his brother. As he hung, the feeling of Peter was upon all the hearts of his crew members. John took the hooks and hung like he had done it a thousand times; swinging back and forth, feeling the freedom his brother would always tell him about.

Peter was a keystone in the DisGraceLand Family and will be missed from now till forever. But from before he left you can still see his teaching in members of DisGraceLand and other crews, you can still feel him every time you throw a hook, rig a knot, or lift a rope. Your body may not be here brother but your energy is. Forever Missed and Forever Loved………….”

I think it’s amazing that even in passing, he was able to share this beautiful thing he was a part of with so many people who knew his love for it, but had never taken part in it themselves. It is an incredible gesture that they would do something that for many is so intimidating and hard to understand, all out of love for their fallen friend. I think any one of us would be lucky to have touched people in a way in life, that they would make such a bold move to honor us in death.

I hope to see many of you at Superpull as we celebrate the lives of Peter and Spliff. There is going to be a lot of good energy and love filling that day.

And of course, “D – I – S – G – R – ACE  LAND!  IF YOU DON’T KNOW…”