I think a lot of people would agree suspending and good music go hand in hand. I love listening to something that gets me in the right mindset before I go up, and for me it’s got to be metal.  Naturally, I fell in love when I saw Mastodon’s video for Iron Tusk featuring the work of Psychotic Suspensions from Atlanta, Georgia.

After the break more stills and the original unedited video.

This was Mastodon’s second video working with producer and director Chad Rullman. Mastodon was still fairly new, and when this video was released, MTV refused to air it until the suspension footage was removed.  Luckily, all the other sources who aired this video chose include the suspensions rather than using an edited version.

Chad was working with Chris Steel of Psychotic Suspensions for this project. He said the group did an amazing job with the performances, and were extremely professional throughout their work for the video.

The video for Iron Tusk is included below for those of you who would like to check it out. It is definitely great music and wonderful to watch. You can keep up with the other projects Chad has going on through his website Supercollider Films, and be sure to thank him for sending us the information on this video and the suspensions that took place.


Mastodon: Iron Tusk on Vimeo.