A few posts back we featured the carousel suspension, but there wasn’t a lot of information about the team who made that suspension come together. The Mutant Suspension Squad from Milan, Italy was formed in 2004 by a group that was drawn together through their love of body art and their journey into applying that art to entertainment and live performances. After attending their first Italian Suscon and having the opportunity to learn more about body suspension, they made the decision to add suspension to the live performances they were currently doing, as well as using it in art installations, alongside bands on stage, and in theatrical performances. For their team, it was just the beginning of where their work with body suspension would take them.

Their performances began to get more and more attention as they drew in people who were excited about what they were doing with suspension, as well as those who were simply too curious to stay away. As they gained momentum with their art, a bigger project began to emerged from it. Their group New Species was formed, which brought together entertainers and DJs to collaborate on performances as well as promotion for one another. Their group worked to combine music with body suspension and pulling, as well as other elements such as fire playing, branding, and scarification.

From there, the Mutant Suspension Squad and New Species have continued to grow and push themselves further. Over the years they have appeared at raves, galleries, conferences, and even in a film appearance with the suspension work they perform. With their success has also come a focus on education, and they take part in the annual Italian Suscon as well as offering workshops to help those who are seeking to learn more about or try body suspension. I am sure the last 8 years are just the beginning of what we will get to see this team accomplish, and if the carousel is a sign of the kind of projects we will see this team working with, I am incredibly excited to see what comes next.

Thank you for all of the information Leo. I hope your team continues to see so much success and popularity as it grows. I can’t wait to see where you go from here with it.