I really doubt that Steve Haworth needs any introduction here on Hook Life. Just in case the name isn’t ringing a bell, you might know him from his work with body piercing, jewelry design, subdermal and transdermal implants, branding, tongue splitting, ear pointing, body suspension, or the hundred other things in the body modification community that this very talented man has been a part of or created. Not to mention being responsible for putting together one of the most visually appealing suspensions I have seen with the dragonfly suspension previously featured on here. Well for those of you in the New York City area this is your lucky day, or days I suppose. Steve will be offering suspensions and seminars as well as taking appointments from July 17th-19th while he visits¬† New York City. For those of you interested in suspending with him, he will have time set aside just for that on July 18th from 7pm until midnight at at 40 Melrose Street in Brooklyn. If you would like to request an appointment or learn more about he services he offers, please email to stevehaworthmod@gmail.com