With so many variables that are out of our control, outdoor suspensions can be hit or miss. Everything from what you pack (or forget to pack) to sudden changes in the weather can have an impact on the experience of everyone there. But when all of those factors come together in the right way, it can be a day filled with wonderful suspensions, beautiful scenery, and a great time for all those involved. These photos, sent to us from Sick Boyz Suspensions, seem to be from one of those days when everything fell into place.

These photographs, which were taken by Recil C. Dudley, are from an outdoor suspension meet put on by Sick Boyz Suspensions out of Oklahoma City. You may remember seeing some of these guys in one of our earlier articles where several teams came together in Tulsa for some fun at Chandler Park. For these photographs they chose to suspend at sunset; as great as these pictures are, I’m sure they can’t do justice to the stunning views of watching the sun go down while suspended.

Among the suspensions performed that day were two very impressive single point suspensions; one from the chest and one from the upper stomach. I don’t know how long either of them were in the air, but I’m sure just getting off the ground in either of those positions would be an extremely intense moment. Along with those were Dustin‘s first knee suspension, during which he lifted himself off the ground, and a very serene looking 6 point lotus.

SBS will have several shows coming up with Immersed in Ink, demonstrating their sideshow skills with the Captain’s Sideshow as well as offering body suspensions for anyone interested in trying it for themselves. They are a great group of people, and I wish them the best of luck as they hit the road. I am sure we will see plenty of amazing pictures once the tour wraps up and they get back home.

Thank you guys for sending in the great photos, as well as for all the information about them.

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