These days it seems that a new suspension video seems to appear almost daily.  Sadly, most of them are low quality cell phone videos often held vertically with little to no editing.  However, every once in a while a little gem will appear.  On Tender Hooks is a prime example.  Big budget?  Large crew?  No.  This film was shot, edited and produced by one person using a Canon 600D and a 13-inch MacBook Pro on a budget of £500. ($800)  Although the piece focuses on suspension, it delves deeper giving an inside look at both personal relationships and the director’s own journey into suspending for the first time.

On Tender Hooks – Teaser Trailer from Kate Shenton on Vimeo.

The film is not yet available for purchase or download.  For more information on where the film will be screening please visit the main website – – After the break a a quick clip of Kate’s first suspension.

From the site – Documentary about human suspension filmed over 1 year by filmmaker Kate Shenton.The act of Human suspension is when people pierce hooks though their flesh and suspend in mid air from them. Over the past year director Kate Shenton has been filming groups in the UK, as well as Croatia and Norway, who practice this art form as an act of enjoyment, self development, and self exploration. Despite the graphic top the film is a warm and emotional insight into a unique group of people and shows how ordinary people can achieve truly extraordinary things with the human body. The film is know completed and it looking forward to is first screenings next year.