Crucifix suspensions certainly were seen a lot for the holidays, some as art and some just for fun. I think the one that tops the list for dedication to the theme would definitely have to be Neil Chakrabarti‘s suspension with Pariah’s Point, which included four Blacksheep hooks in his back and hands to hold him up and 6 mustads pierced through his scalp to create his ‘crown’. Neil suspended at 3:45 pm, around 15 min before the December 24th showing of the Nutcracker Suite was scheduled to let out at the Wortham Theater in downtown Houston, TX. The public display on Christmas Eve seems like it would have been something that would have drawn at least a little negative attention from those passing by, but the reaction was surprisingly quite the opposite.


Neil said that he was suspended for around 20 minutes, with several families stopping to take photos as they passed by. All of the reactions they received were positive. They saw a police officer in the area, and decided to bring the suspension down rather than taking the chance on the day ending on a negative note. It was unfortunately before most of the crowd let out, but overall it was a great experience and they were able to do it without any problems from the authorities.


I am fairly certain that the hooks around the head were in no way fun, for both the people who had to pierce it or for Neil, but I do have to say that it definitely adds a really great visual to it. Congratulations on the suspension going so well for you guys. I can’t wait to see what you guys work on next.