Photographer Greg Ward was so nice to let me steal this photo he caught of Kay Fagan (aka Post Modern Sleeze Sedition) during one of her performances with Sedition Industries in Dublin, Ireland.

Post Modern Sleeze Sedition

Kay was kind enough to take the time to tell me a little about her performance and how she got started in with suspension…

It certainly sounds like she hit the ground running when she began suspending back in 2005, her first suspension was a performance done at the Dublin Tattoo convention. Lucky for all of us it made a lasting impression on her, and five years later she is bringing us beautiful acts like the one photographed here.

She said her goal in performing is to make each time individual and unique, and to push her boundaries as far as her body will let her. I think her comfort with performance and suspension in general really shows through with this shot. It’s a beautiful pose, and she looks very at ease hanging there. It’s always wonderful to watch someone suspend that really loves it. If the pictures are any indication, I am sure the live show will be something you won’t want to miss.

Sedition Industries, the group she currently works with, is an alternative performance group showcasing a wide array of talents from the lovely ladies on stage. You can check out the show on their facebook page here. Be sure to check out all the beautiful girls she is performing with as well!