Once upon a time the suspension world was full of young-uns.  Of course there was the occasional old guy that got involved, but for the most part it was a young person’s games.  Now a couple of decades later, what do we see?  Numerous practitioners in their 30’s and few reaching middle age.  Yep, seems that we are all getting old together.  This year has seen Steve Joyner, Håvve Fjell, and now as of today Rick Pierceall turned 40.  Man-O-Man where has the time gone?  You know it’s just a matter of time before we will have to establish the retirement home for hookers.

OK in all seriousness, today’s blog is about the birthday boy.  Now if you’ve ever met Rick Pierceall, chances are that you have not forgotten him.  First impressions are the he is big, intense and down right intimidating.  When this man speaks people shut up and listen.

Now if you’re involved in the world of suspension you’ve met plenty of intense people.  If there is anything suspension practitioners have in common it is passion for our art form. However, few rival Rick.  It’s obvious when you watch this man work.   He is constantly focused.

But there is also another side to this man.  Beneath his tough exterior you will find that Rick’s real drive in life is to care for the people around him.  This can easily be seen within his group AGRO.  The connection between these people is incredibly strong.  If you have watched them in action then you would agree, both Houston and Tulsa chapters are definitely a great asset to our community.

…and if you dig even deeper you will find the the real heart of Rick lies with family.  Although both suspension and his tattoo shop consume a great deal of his life, his wife and kids are truly his pride and joy.

Rick, it has been a real pleasure working with you over the years.  You have positively impacted so many lives and done so much to help others.   Happy Birthday my friend.  It’s good to see you still busting ass even though you are now entering your golden years.  😉