When you think of impressive suspensions, if Neil Chakrabarti’s name doesn’t cross your mind, you clearly aren’t doing your homework. With everything from a single hook in his stomach to hanging from his throat and forehead, as well as multiple tandem suspensions under his belt, it’s always exciting to see what he will accomplish next. While many people try to go further and further to one up everyone else, looking at Neil’s suspensions has always made me feel like the only person he is competing with is himself; he pushes his body as far as it will go and then keeps going. It’s wonderful to see someone take body suspension and really make it something for themselves. This video was Neil’s most recent time in the air, performing a two point wrist suspension. His goal was to tear the hooks out, and although they didn’t come all the way out he certainly gave it his best effort.

He said his goal is to have as much hook scarification on his body as possible, and he seems to be well on his way. His last hook to tear was in his forehead at Superpull in Houston, and fittingly enough it left a scar in the shape of a small hook. If you think that this video was intense to watch, just wait until you see what he has in store for all of us at the Dallas Suscon this year. My lips are sealed on what he has planned, but I definitely recommend that you don’t miss out on it.