Forearm suspensions are one of those poses that make me stop and stare for a moment. I don’t know if it’s that many of the women I have seen doing it look so gracefully positioned, or the fact that, being one I have yet to try, they still intimidate me a little. Whatever the reason, these wonderful photographs by John Kuhn are perfect examples of why I am so captivated by it.

This suspension, featuring the lovely Samm Bradford, was performed by Ritual Arisings out of Detroit, Michigan. Their group hosts both public and private suspension events, as well as booking shows and demonstrations.  By combining ancient rituals with modern cleanliness and safety, they are working to allow people to see body suspension presented in a positive way. With images like these, I would say Ritual Arisings is definitely meeting that goal. I don’t think anyone could look at these pictures and see it as anything short of  beautiful.

If you are interested in attending one of their events, or would like to book Ritual Arisings, you can find more information through their page on Facebook. I hope we continue to see many more fantastic pictures like these from this group in the future.

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