I’m sure anyone that is even slightly involved with the suspension community is aware that the Oslo Suscon was happening this past weekend. There are several pictures starting to show up of some very impressive suspensions, but there was one set that certainly stood out. Rolf has been a well known member of the suspension community for a while now, and has been a huge asset in photographing many of the events that go on around the world. You may remember that just 9 months ago Rolf celebrated his 72nd suspension (his 40th in a coma position) with an impressive 40 point coma suspension, and continued on to his 50th coma in March when he performed a 50 point coma suspension. Well this year at Oslo he has teamed back up with Wings of Desire to mark a new milestone for his suspensions with this beautiful 100 point suspension.

It takes a minute for me to really take in the thought of having that many hooks inserted in one sitting. Simply the endurance it would take to get through the piercings that took place for this suspension is amazing.  I am sure the experience was a wonderful one for Rolf to share with his friends as he marked his 100th body suspension.

The last time I wrote about Rolf, I somewhat jokingly said that with how often he suspends that we might see his 100th suspension within the next year. I honestly never expected it to come up so quickly, but I am thrilled to see that it went so well for him. It’s an extremely impressive milestone for him, but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Rolf slow down any time soon on suspending just because he reached one hundred.

Rolf’s 100th Suspension from INK star on Vimeo.

Congratulations Rolf! And thank you for being such a wonderful part of the suspension community. It certainly wouldn’t be the same without you.