This post comes at the last minute, but we need some help from everyone in the suspension community to help out our friends in Oslo. Any of you who have been to the Wings of Desire Suscon have probably been to Havve’s neighborhood. It is an area that houses artists and musicians, as well as many of us as we have passed though Oslo. The area faces being demolished to house construction equipment as a new rail line is put in place through the city. With enough of a fight, they are hoping to prevent that from happening and preserve this incredible area. I can’t stress enough how little time these guys have to get signatures together and file a complaint to try and halt the destruction of their neighborhood. Whether you can read the page or not, the important part is Håvve and the Wings of Desire crew need our help. With all that they do for us, a signature is a pretty easy thing to help out with. Please repost this everywhere you can, and get your friends to sign it. Right now it looks like they will only have until Monday to get the signatures they need. The chances might be slim of saving this area, but we aren’t exactly the type of community to go down without a fight.

Learn more about what is going on and sign the petition! For those too lazy to translate the page, it asks for your name, email address, and whether you would like to make your email address visible to the petition owners.

Thank you all for your help.