There have been several new suspension videos that I have seen over the last few months. Many of them are aimed toward either trying to explain who we are as a community, or help people to understand why we choose to do the things we do. With so many focused on explaining our culture to those who don’t understand body suspension, it is refreshing to see a video that is aimed toward simply filming suspension itself. It is such a beautiful act, and for many such a powerful experience, it really doesn’t need any bells and whistles put on it to show the raw emotions that come with it.

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This clip is a preview for Andy Lombardo‘s film, Sentient, which will be released this April. The film features suspension work by Stu Modifies of St. Louis, MO and Pinhead from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Talking to Stu and Andy, they told me that the goal wasn’t to put everyone’s opinion on body suspension in your face, but rather to let the way it is filmed show their views on it. The film portrays suspension as what it is. And what it is can be different for every person that chooses to take part in it; for some it is an emotional or spiritual event in their life, while for others it’s about endurance or even just for fun. With almost a year of work put into this project, I’m sure that several different views of the suspension community and those involved with it are presented. I look forward to seeing more clips as the release date gets closer, and I’m sure the full length video will be fantastic.

Thank you Stu and Andy for all of your help and the information about this video. I can’t wait to see the rest.

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