It is somewhat difficult to know where to begin when talking about Anchors Aweigh; oddly it is always harder for me to find the right words when I know a team well than when it is a group of strangers. Do I start with the incredibly talented people involved, the abundance of lovely photos coming from their work, or the heart warming romance that turned into a cross country adventure for members of their team? I supposed the only appropriate place to start would be the beginning. Luckily for the length of this post, that beginning isn’t so far back.


Anchors Aweigh was created by Orb in July of 2011. After considering the idea of focusing on artistic suspension for quite some time, he decided it was what he truly needed to dedicate himself to, and Anchors Aweigh is the result of that passion and creativity. Once his decision was made and the team became a reality, the projects that had been rolling around in his mind began to take shape and come to life. With those projects, there were several collaborators who helped make the suspensions possible; through the hard work and friendships that were formed, a small core group began to emerge that now makes up the Anchors Aweigh crew.


One member of that team, Genne Laakso, came to work with Anchors Aweigh from across the country. With Orb’s ideas for what he wanted of this group, Genne’s brilliant designs were a perfect fit in the puzzle that was coming together. As they worked to collaborate on the suspensions she would be doing, neither knew that the path they were starting down would be one that they would commit their lives to together. In the short time they worked alongside one another, both realized they had found a part of themselves that had been missing. In a romance that led them from coast to coast on an amazing suspension adventure, these two became the foundation of Anchors Aweigh.


With such a fantastic start, the rest of the elements have seemed to fall into place on their own. As the group has moved forward it has also come to include Brian, Mel, Magan and Jeremy as full time members, as well as having an ever growing list of people that the team works with to create the beautiful suspensions they perform. It can be incredibly hard to find an entire group that is effortless to work alongside when you aren’t a part of that team. I have been lucky enough to get to meet and work with all of the individuals in Anchors Aweigh, and it felt as natural as being with people that I had worked with for years. It’s a rare combination of people and talents that can make such a comfortable environment, and it has been an absolute pleasure every time I am there.


The addition of their new loft space to facilitate suspension in has opened up even more doors for the group. The access to a permanent location has allowed them to focus even more on personal and private suspension along with their art. What they will come up with next is anyone’s guess, but I for one am excited to see where they go from here. Thank you all for sharing these photos, and for being such wonderful people in my life and our community.