The suspension community world wide is actually pretty small. We tend to see the individuals from this community in the photos and videos that come up online, and easily begin to recognize one another, even if we haven’t met. These photos from Gisella Rose‘s suspension at the Inked Out New Jersey tattoo convention have a familiar face (among other assets) that many of you may already know, but it certainly isn’t one that has been around the suspension community before. Ice-T and Coco were making a guest appearance at the tattoo convention the day of the suspension, and Coco was willing to come on stage and take part in some of the fun. She assisted in a pull that Gisella did to warm up before the 2 point resurrection she performed that day. It was apparently quite a shocking experience for the celebrity duo.

For Gisella, who has been featured on here a few times before, I’m sure there was nothing out of the ordinary as she was lifted above the crowd, and enjoyed the thrill of flying from hooks. With this convention being hosted by Starlight Tattoo, the studio that she and husband/suspension partner Dominick work for, being able to suspend at the event meant even more to them. The crowd was very supportive of the suspension, and Gisella described spinning in the air above them as being very serene.

One of the videos from suspension was recorded by Coco, and it’s amusing to hear their reactions as it takes place. I was somewhat surprised that they were so taken aback by body suspension. I suppose when you are around this beautiful art as often as many of us are, you tend to forget how many people have never had the chance to see it in person. Enjoy the video clip, as well as the commentary by Coco, Ice-T, and their friends.