The Simerock Festival in Lapland was started in 2002 with humble intentions; a small gathering of friends and music in northern Finland. In an area where winter entertainment was limited, word of the festival spread quickly and the event saw an attendance of over 1000 people pour in to enjoy the music and fun. Although the unexpected crowd resulted in the first year being shut down early by the authorities, the legend was born. Eleven years later, it is going stronger than ever with a continually growing list of talented entertainers gracing the stage to keep the party going at an event advertised as the festival where the sun never sets. Those attending this year had the treat of watching a collaboration between Finnish industrial metal band Turmion Kätilöt and the talented sideshow duo Souci Jaws and Lassi.


Lassi and Souci have been familiar faces in both the Finnish and international sideshow scene for years, combining the fun of classic sideshow with a blend of needles, hooks, and other various forms of experimentation to bring their own modern twist to the stage. Their openness to working with other forms of performance brought them on stage with Turmion Kätilöt, a band which has had the attention of the Finnish metal scene for the last decade with their chart topping mix of metal and electronic music. Judging from the photos, it looks like the two groups had a wonderful time working together in front of the crowd that gathered to enjoy the show.




If you would like to see Souci and Lassi perform live, be sure to keep an eye on their websites for future tour dates. Better yet, you can save yourself the hassle of travelling and bring them to you by getting in touch to work out booking a performance by this talented couple.


Thank you so much to photographer Aino Hirvioja for letting us use her wonderful photos from the event.