Q: Introduce your team
Skindicate Suspensions of DisGraceLanD ENT, Atlanta GA

Q: Tell me about United Ink Tattoo Convention 2013
Kaspa was contacted by United Ink to perform at the United Ink Summer Vibes Tattoo Convention in June. They were looking for a show, like many Kaspa, alongside his crew, have performed before. On the plate for the three day convention were shows both Friday and Saturday night.


The crowd seemed pleasantly surprised as we kicked off the show with Ashley doing a two point suicide. Her extravagant Day of the Dead themed costuming added to the spectacular suspension and as she swung back and forth over the crowd we decided to add more weight to the hooks. While jumping and pulling down on her, spectators were in complete shock and awe. Three to four times she held the weight of another individual while spinning and swinging. Next Kimmy took the stage. We placed two six gauge SMS gilsons in her back and two eight gauge mustads in her knees. Kimmy was stunning as she swung overhead in a chair position. Many are used to seeing Kimmy blowing giant fireballs and in this instance again, she embodied grace, poise, and the confidence of a daredevil!


To change things up, we brought out a flesh pull with Amanda taking hooks in both elbows. It was a nice juxtaposition and quite comical as Amanda pulled against Autumn and Emily with hooks in their throats. From there, Mandolynne took the stage and performed a breathtaking two point resurrection and swung around and around like a tetherball. The suspension was followed by some face spears and a forehead lift-o hook performed by no other than Dr. Claw. Claw had two 10 gauge spears placed inside his cheeks in a X formation as well as a eight gauge hook placed in his forehead with a forty five pound bowling ball hanging off of it! The audience went wild as we prepared to close out the night with Regan performing an impressive four point elbow suspension. With her suspension we focused more on movement, spinning her like a top. The crowd loved it! It was quite astounding watching her wriggle and twist around above the crowd!

On Saturday night we performed alongside Plague of Locust (featuring EX members Of Nassau Chainsaw DIsGraceLanD Demolition Committee); an impressive spectacle as the band performed behind several intense and magnificent suspensions. Images and a light show were simultaneously projected behind the performers. Autumn started out the suspensions with a suicide; you could see the energy ignite between Autumn and Brandon as he flung her repeatedly. The look of awe on her face and in her eyes was mirrored by those in the audience who watched in wonder, cameras upheld across the crowd. Fiesta also did a suicide, his hair whipping to the music as he thrashed and bounced around overhead. He was flung around and around until he was completely horizontal! Kaspa jumped and hung onto his flailing body which ignited a wonderful response from the crowd. To change up the energy we brought out a flesh pull from Amanda and Dolo. They pulled and pulled against each other until Brandon grabbed the reigns, sat down, and was dragged across the floor! As they continued to pull, we balanced people on their lines, even doing pushups on it!


To cap off the performance we did a tandem suspension, with Penguin in a two point suicide suspending off Dr. Claw’s 4 point knees. As they hung, one off of the other, Penguin flying back and forth, the band finished their set and we closed out the performance. A grand finale indeed!

Q: Who all was involved, were you the only team doing suspensions?
Just as a syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals or entities formed to transact some specific business, or to promote a common interest, Skindicate brings together some of the best in the industry. We strive to represent unity within the community and want to send a big thank you to Plague Of Locust, DisGraceLand Hook Squad, Freak Kings, White Flag, Misguided Youth Suspension and SMS for the hooks, rigs, and line!!!!!!!!


Q: Tell me a bit about your members, why they got together to form this team.
Skindicate, strong advocates for safety and high quality, was founded out of a desire for safe and comfortable private suspensions as well as performance art with a focus on continuing education and training to evolve the art form. Noticing a lack of options for those looking to book specialty acts in GA and several surrounding states, Skindicate is happy to bring together like-minded, skilled, and responsible practitioners, as well as individuals interested in taking part in such a thrilling experience.